Gluten-Free Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Gluten-Free Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Not only is this health conscious review gluten-free but it also contains no spoilers–which have been proven to go straight to your thighs. Of course, just by claiming the movie is good or bad could technically be considered a spoiler…so choose to read this review wisely. 

The prequels, for more or less, added nothing to the franchise we couldn’t have done without. They pandered and belittled the fans at every turn, addressing things we already knew and showed us what we thought we wanted to see (when in reality we didn’t). After Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, I found myself plagued by visions of Jar Jar dancing in my head…and the Star Wars branded oranges at the local grocery store didn’t exactly subside my concerns. However, it pleases me to announce that on 12/17/15, I bear witness to the first Star Wars movie to actually matter in 30 years.

The Force Awakens is very much a new Star Wars for a new generation, rather than a simple continuation of original trilogy’s hijinks. The original cast flawlessly pass the torch to the plethora of new actors and actresses deserving of bringing our beloved franchise home.

Much to my surprise, The Force Awakens doesn’t pander to the fans or belittle the audience’s intelligence. Instead the film sets up the new trilogy to exist on its own without the need to piggyback off of the original trilogy’s success. However, fans with emotional attachment to the original trilogy won’t leave the theater disappointed, as those we know and love still have a role to play.

The diversity featured in the film deserves special recognition. It all builds upon the notion that while not everyone can be a Jedi, they can be just as much of a hero. In this regard, The Force Awakens is a biopic of humanity at its finest. In addition, the film’s contribution to (real) feminism is the most felt since Mad Max: Fury Road.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is all the best parts of the Star Wars universe wrapped into a care package of love. It would appear that J.J. Abrams cares more about Star Wars than Star Trek, as the film’s production value, story, and attention to detail all encapsulate one of the greatest space operas of our generation.